Green Gems & Cannabis Compliance

cannabis compliance

Who We Are

ECS's mission is to provide comprehensive cannabis compliance services to growing businesses. We represent integrity and ethical practices. Our goal is to enrich the cannabis community's permanent place in mainstream society. We perform under the common goal of maintaining legal status to remain within the green rush and passed the end of prohibition.

cannabis compliance

Our Approach

Together we build a bigger cannabis community. From beginning to end, Green Gems are knowledgeable, reliable, and approachable. Our staff is trained cannabis compliance professionals using proven methodologies to increase productivity, and creative entrepreneurs who want to cultivate your success.

cannabis compliance

Why Us?

ECS operates with integrity. We are an ethical company based out of Oakland looking to solidify cannabis in the public sphere and build relationships with like-minded businesses. We believe in building the economy not just through our business, but through the collective success of cannabis culture.