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Green gems grow your business by specializing in green-zone commercial property. Broker Dana Wallace has been featured on CNBC's The Profit and Top 100 Realtor Magazine. 

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Licensing Services

Just getting started? With so many moving parts, it takes a team of knowledged personnel to get things moving! We're here to help you start your dream. 

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Compliance Documents

Compliant cannabis documents are a continuous process. Focus on your day to day business while we ensure your paperwork is up to date. 

Green Gems Grow

Cannabis Properties

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ECS is more than a consulting agency. Green Gems grow your business by finding facilities that fit your needs.

Licensing Services

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Whether you're just getting started, or in the process of getting licensed, green gems' writing staff will make sure you get where you need to be.

Compliance Documents

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In this burgeoning industry, it's imperative to keep your compliance documents up-to-date. 


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Browse our collection of compliance checklists, forms, and SOPs. What you need may be right under your fingertips!

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